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Meet the Creator


🧵✨ Hey there, everyone! I’m Natalie, an embroidery enthusiast, and I can’t wait to share my passion with all of you! 🎨🌺 Embroidery found its way into my heart just over 2 years ago when I started with a simple starter set. Since then, I’ve grown as an artist, creating my own patterns, and gifting the world with beautifully embroidered treasures. 💝 This little hobby of mine is like a dream come true—one I’ve always longed for. Every spare moment I get, I’m immersed in my embroidery, and my trusty hoop is my constant companion, joining me wherever I go. Let’s embark on this creative journey together as I weave threads of magic and turn ordinary fabric into extraordinary art! ❤️🧶


My Journey

Beginner’s journey in Embroidery 🧵
I’m not an artistic kind of person but this new hobby brings so much joy and takes my mind off other things ❤️